Sycamore Valley Farms

Sycamore Valley Farms

We are Josh and Lindsey Welch and we are the proud owners of Sycamore Valley Farms in the heart of Northeast Ohio. Our dream was to raise our children on a farm just like Josh had growing up on U-Dean Farms.

After 15 years and two kids, God opened up the door for our dream to come true and we ran through it.....literally! Our children (and Josh & I ) are learning and experiencing lessons that can only happen when living on a farm. The excitement and anticipation of the birth of a new calf, the hard work and dedication it takes to provide our animals with the best feed and facilities, the patience and fortitude you must have to raise and care for God's creatures, and the sadness at the loss of one of our beloved animals.

All of these things we experienced in just our first year on the farm.....and that learning has continued every year since. The farm and all its amazing lessons make us better people and a stronger family!

About Us

Our mission is to bring heritage meats back into favor by raising and selling high quality beef, pork and chicken in a sustainable way. Therefore we members of several organizations that committed to saving rare and endangered  livestock breeds. When you purchase our products created or made from pure heritage breeds, you become an important contributor to the work of preserving these endangered animals and the time-tested genes that make them unique and beautiful. 


Gloucestershire Old Spots of America

We are striving to one day both be full-time farmers and to use our small farm to educate our community on the benefits of local food, sustainable agriculture, and heritage livestock breeds.


Married 20 years with 2 teenagers. Brady is heading off to college next year to wrestle for Appalachian State University and Lilly is a sophomore at our local high school. 


Josh and Lindsey both work "off the farm jobs" in education. Josh is a Criminal Justice Instructor at our local career center and Lindsey is the Director of Special Education for a local school district.