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Buckeye Country Creamery Products

We are thrilled to now offer Buckeye Country Creamery's NON-GMO A2A2 Milk at Sycamore Valley Farms!

A2A2 is a natural protein found in cows. A2 is known as the ORIGINAL milk protein, the other natural protein found in cows is the A1 protein. The A1 protein evolved as a gene mutation over centuries of breeding. At Buckeye Country Creamery, we DNA test our cows to know which cows produce the A2A2 protein in their milk. All the cows on their farm produce only A2A2 milk.

This A2A2 Milk is known to be easier on your digestive tract and have a multitude of other natural health benefits. The A2A2 milk protein varies from the A1 milk protein by one amino acid. This one amino acid difference makes all the difference in the world, by creating a shorter stranded A2A2 protein. With the A2A2 protein being a shorter protein, this makes it easier to be digested. Many who normally cannot drink milk without negative side effects or those who think they react to the lactose in the milk actually react to the protein in the milk and can drink our exclusive A2A2 Milk!

Their cows are also fed a diet consisting of NON-GMO certified grasses, silage, and other essential nutrients. We are happy to be able to offer our milk as NON-GMO CERTIFIED for the added health benefits this has to offer.

Our creamery products are available for FARM PICK UP ONLY